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Meet Our Trainers

Simon Heffernan

Founder & Co-Owner

“I started Olympic Weightlifting in 1990, culminating in medals at the 1998 and 2006 Commonwealth Games. My career in health and fitness has given me the pleasure of working with people from all walks of life; Olympic athletes, fitness and bikini models, WAFL players, primary school students, people who are sick, who hate exercising…..the list is too long and broad to do it justice.”

Simon specialises in:

Anything and everything!
Rehabilitation – nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing people progress from fear of hurting themselves to tackling numbers and exercises they never dreamed of.
Strength and conditioning
Pre-season training for serious athletes

Please note:  To train with Simon you will need to join a waiting list.

Simone Hudson

Co-Owner & Personal Trainer

“I am a former weightlifter with the Australian weightlifting team and have been to three world championships. I have done every sport out there and always been involved in fitness of some kind.
I have two teenagers and understand how hard getting the work/life balance is. “

Simone specialises in:

I have been working in the fitness industry for a while now and have become more and more drawn to looking after women and their health and mental wellbeing. I see so many women struggling with their time and being pulled in so many directions that they haven’t made time for themselves. Between looking after children or their own parents, and trying to work and run a home they are exhausted.  I want to help you prioritise yourself again.

On the other side I also love training people with weights. If you need to grow bigger and stronger then come and see me.
I have pre and post natal training and have also studied the effects of oestrogen in the female body, and nutrition for female fat loss.

Angeline Tuituiohu

Personal Trainer

“Hi my name’s Angeline Tuituiohu, I have just complete my Exercise Science degree at Victoria University. I played netball for over 11 years and competed in the Victorian Netball League (VNL). Have a passion in bettering the health and well being of individuals, setting new goals and motivating clients. “

Angeline specialises in:

Exercise scientist
1:1 Personal training
Group Training

Anthony Palmieri

Personal Trainer

“I started my career in personal training in 2017. I have a passion for AFL football, basketball, soccer and swimming. These sports have provided me with values such as determination, empathy, mental strength and teamwork. In my everyday work I combine these values with my passion for helping people and attention to detail to help my clients reach their goals. “

Anthony specialises in:

Strength training
Body compostion

Jackie Perkins

Personal Trainer

“Olympic distance runner 1988. Been in fitness industry 12 years. “

Jackie specialises in:

Helping those who are intrinsically motivated to take responsibility for their health and well-being with advice, education and appropriate workouts.

Isobel ross

Personal Trainer

“I am an ultra runner who has represented Australia three times at the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships. I have run a sub 3-hour marathon and recently won a 175km mountain trail race through the Victorian high country. I have also represented Australia at the notorious Barkley Marathons in America.

I can help runners and athletes of all types prepare for their next race or fun run and stay injury free.

I also love working with clients who want to get fit and strong for life! “

Isobel specialises in:

1:1 personal training
Group training




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