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Simone has been educating and guiding me for 2 years now.  We’ve developed and pushed my fitness goals together, and I’ve grown fitter and stronger than ever before as a result.  She’s gotten both my confidence and health back on track, and I’ve never looked or felt happier.”


My PT Simone is very professional and knowledgeable and will help you achieve your goals.  I was diagnosed with osteopenia 18 months ago and since seeing simone we focus on weight training and I have gained strength in my legs and arms.  With Simone’s encouragement and motication, I feel better physically and happier.  Simone is truly a fantastic Trainer!


She’s just what I needed!

I was desperately needing someone to get my leg back to running again after a knee operation 6 years ago.  Under Simone’s guidance I ran my first half marathon 5 months after my surgery.  Since then I have run a full marathon and many more halves.  Simone is not only responsible for my physical training, she is also my mentor – encouraging me when I am feeling low and giving me a nudge when I am slacking.  Thanks Simone for working with me all these years:)


I’ve been training with Simone for the last 4 year’s and during that time I kept changing my goals, however Simone was always supportive and adapted each time to help me achieve those goals. I hope to continue my training with Simone well into the future


Con has lost 20kgs in 6 months!


Simone is a person who embraces challenge, and keeps your health and your goals in front of mind.  While I have been training with Simone I have had a number of physical difficulties:  torn ligaments, sprains, migraines, tendinitis, and an ongoing knee issue that resulted in serious reconstruction surgery.  Throughout this, Simone has mastered training around injuries and in support of recovery.  She also has a comprehensive understanding of the mental challenges that come with injury, and life, and can keep you going at the hardest times.  You bring her your health and life challenges, and if you are willing to work, she can find a way!


Fantastic gym with a great atmosphere. The awesome team of trainers are brilliant and can tailor the training to your personal needs, wants and requests. Great value for money and it's the best 30min workout you can have all day!Give it a more
Jan Haak
Jan Haak
Love my weekly visits to Renew! Simon and the team are always welcoming, extremely knowledgeable and dedicated!
Samantha Gray
Samantha Gray
Great facility, great trainers! I arrived early for my session to see an inspiring lady in her late 60s working with a trainer and a group of young boys with another. Renew caters to everyone and all abilities. Their transformation wall is true inspiration to anyone feeling nervous to start.Highly recommend!read more
Erica Livett
Erica Livett
I was sore afterwards, that means I worked really hard. I really loved it
Binks Lopez
Binks Lopez
Fantastic facilities and trainers that know their stuff. With over 25 years of weightlifting experience, Simon isn't just another personal trainer. Highly more
Kim Cousins
Kim Cousins
Fantastic atmosphere great trainers that know what theyre talking about im never going to another big commercial gym again Renew PT is the place for meread more
Raffi Zarmanian
Raffi Zarmanian
It may only be a 30min training session but boy you are made to work hard! Best feeling! Even better having a weightlifting instructor that has been in the game for many, many years! Not saying that you're old Simon! 🙂read more
Maria DW
Maria DW

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